My Thanksgiving Outfit

I am sometimes a planner.   I either think really far ahead or literally minutes before.  When it comes to outfits I like to think really far ahead.  A week ago my mom, Darlene, and I shot some photos of the outfit I plan to wear on Thanksgiving this year while we got our her Thanksgiving decor.  She goes all out when it comes to holidays.  I am wearing the Mallory Longshot Top and Photofinish Dress, accented with Calvin Klein boots and J.Crew sparkly tights.  Festive!  I hope you all have wonderful Thanksgivings this week! xo, Mallory

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Fall Layers 2015

Every year it seems I need to re-learn how to layer for fall and winter.  I truly hate cold weather.  I'm most happy wearing a sun dress with ballet flats or sneakers.  I like to keep it simple.  So, layers are a struggle for me.  Here are the ways I like to add layers without feeling bulky or not stylish.

The best solution to me is a beautiful, tailored jacket.  Ours is sold out (yay!), but a blazer like this can dress up any t-shirt and jeans combo and still keep you warm!  I also love a dressed up pair of sneakers to replace my summer sandals.  These Kate Spade Glitter Keds Sneakers look amazing with almost every outfit!  The top is our Bourbon Barrel Top which is almost sold out too and won't be re-stocked.

Turn any dress or long tunic into a layering piece with nice thick leggings and boots.  The pair of leggings under our Bourbon Barrel Tunic are Under Armour.  I prefer nice warm/fleece lined leggings like those for winter, and I never ever wear leggings (unless exercising) without my behind being covered.  This is one of my cardinal style rules!  On top of the tunic & leggings I added my old trusty jean jacket.  That baby looks amazing with everything!  By the way, these are given out with every Mallory order.

Okay, so this one is super obvious.  I love to put on some tights under my fave skirts and dresses.  This is the Photofinish Skirt from our Fall '15 Collection.  It's a nice wool so it's also very snuggly.  I tend to gravitate towards more light and colorful items that normally seem 'springy' so I just add classic layers like these fleece lined tights and clean lined Calvin Klein boots.  I love being able to extend use of my favorite pieces to every season.  Of course when it gets even chillier I'll add my jean jacket on top of this look too!  xo, Mallory

Mallory - Fall 2015 Collection Production

We are already in full swing production at our Mallory Studio for our Fall 2015 Collection.  While we are waiting to get our 'professional' lookbook photos back I wanted to share some photos of our patterning/cutting/sewing process and studio.  We think you will LOVE this collection!  Florals, polka dots, purple, OH MY!  Let us know what you think in the comments.  ♥ Mallory