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Nashville 1st Anniversary Trip
On May 26th Brian & I had our first weddng anniversary.  To celebrate we visited Nashville, TN the weekend before.  We stayed with our friends Beth & Kory on Friday night where we met their pets including their cat with one green eye and one blue eye!  That night they gave us a driving tour of Nashville then took us to Love Circle.  We ended the night with Jeni's ice cream & very late night conversation.  The next morning they took us to brunch at Pinewood Social.  That place is downright beautiful, delicious, and genius.  They are open all day & have a bowling alley!  In the last photo they were giving us tips and directions on what else to do.

Our AirBnB was perfect & came with Goo Goo Clusters.  Yum!  After checking in we headed to a street fair at Morgan Park that Kory & Beth suggested we check out, mostly for the Grilled Cheeserie food truck.

The fair was completely worth going to because 1. the Weinermobile was there 2. there was a photobooth in an old VW van called the Shutter Bus and 3. the Grilled Cheeserie met all of our expectations.

The next day we started out the day at Red Bicycle Coffee and Crepes.  We visited some vintage shops, and our favorite was Pre to Post Modern.  We also visited the pretty touristy places downtown including Hatch Show Print.  We picked up some prints for our apartment, too.  I'll be back with more photos later.  I took wayyyy too many for one post.  Nashville is rad.  ♥ Mallory
Grand Antique Mall
A few weeks ago Brian and I stopped in at the Grand Antique Mall on Reading Rd. in Cincinnati.  They had some great furniture, classic vinyl including Willie Nelson, arcade games like Mrs. Pacman, a booth of vintage clothes with this Halston fur hat, and beautiful kilim rugs that I cannot afford.  They also had lots of hilarious taxidermy.  Brian especially was obsessed with the lion and polar bear.  Brian is spending the first night in our apartment Saturday (I'm moving 'officially' after the wedding).  We'll probably hit up all of our favorite vintage shops and antique malls once all of our stuff is in and we see what else we need!  We're beyond excited!  ♥ Mallory
Outfit - Feeling Glamorous
Lately I've been feeling stuck in the style rut the end of winter lends itself to.  So, yesterday I wanted to spice it up a bit.  Then, I realized that sometimes all a girl needs to feel glamorous is a little vintage fur.  This is what else I wore: sweater from TJ Maxx, Marni Current/Elliott jeans, Ash heels, and a vintage Saks 5th Avenue bracelet.  Lipstick is NARS Niagara.

I'm very ready for spring over here!  Shorts, tank tops, and skirts are my favorites.  Stay warm until then kiddos.  ♥ Mallory

P.S.  I know fur tends to spark some controversy conversation, let's me lay it all out.  This collar was a hand-me-down, one of about 3 I have.  They've been dead since the 50s so I see no point in not wearing them.  I know the conditions that animals in current times go through for fashion to use fur.  I don't own any new real fur, nor do I plan on buying any.