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Mallory Photographs Things
My friend Erin Gabbard lives in LA.  She's an amazing actress & person.  She has done a lot of extra work in the year she's been living there, including appearances on The Office, Dexter, & New Girl.  She was also in the first Avengers movie.  On her recent visit home she mentioned needing new head shots.  I'm no professional photographer, but I thought I offered to help out.  I'm so excited about the results I thought I'd share with you all!  Of course they look better full size & not on the web, but I'm still happy.  Hopefully her agent loves them as much as I do.

She'll probably never give the two below to any casting agents, but I love them so much!  They completely capture her personality!  She's so fun, goofy, thoughtful, impulsive, and incredibly kind!  You can follow her Hollywood adventures on her Facebook fan page.  ♥ Mallory


For my Computer Aided Design class (CAD) we are working on a fashion photoshoot right now.  This won't be part of my photo spread, but I wanted to take a photo of one of JoJo's tattoos.  She's awesome.

xoxo, Mallory