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Mallory Photographs Things
My friend Erin Gabbard lives in LA.  She's an amazing actress & person.  She has done a lot of extra work in the year she's been living there, including appearances on The Office, Dexter, & New Girl.  She was also in the first Avengers movie.  On her recent visit home she mentioned needing new head shots.  I'm no professional photographer, but I thought I offered to help out.  I'm so excited about the results I thought I'd share with you all!  Of course they look better full size & not on the web, but I'm still happy.  Hopefully her agent loves them as much as I do.

She'll probably never give the two below to any casting agents, but I love them so much!  They completely capture her personality!  She's so fun, goofy, thoughtful, impulsive, and incredibly kind!  You can follow her Hollywood adventures on her Facebook fan page.  ♥ Mallory

Lost in the Shuffle
Last Christmas my parents got me this little 35mm film Blue Ribbon Camera.  This Easter my family went to my grandparents' farm.  There isn't much to do there, so Brian and I just wandered around their land and tried it out.  My grandpa's barn at the top got hit by a tornado early this spring and lost it's metal roof.  That's why you can see straight through it!

I got the photos developed soon after Easter but forgot that I had a cd until recently.  The digital files look better because the prints look muddy when the digital files have this fantastic graininess.  I didn't change these photos at all in photoshop, besides a little cropping.  xo, Mallory