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We're Engaged!!!!!
 Well I have a story to tell you.  As with all stories it's best to start at the beginning, and this beginning starts with anniversary plans.  On July 28th, 2008 Brian said I was finally allowed to call him my boyfriend, so we consider this our anniversary.  To celebrate four years this weekend we decided to go to Lebanon to antique shop and eat at cute ice cream parlors.  As he does any time we have any plans, Brian asked me to bring my camera.  Though, he was pretty upset that my remote shutter was broken.  So, as my "gift" he ordered me a new one.  I was only slightly alerted.

We arrived in Lebanon around 10 a.m. and no stores were open yet.  We set up the camera on a tripod with the new remote.  Brian seemed as normal as can be until he realized the remote only worked a foot from the receiver.  I still was not alerted.

We started taking pictures, with me running back and forth using the camera timer.  Then Brian grabbed my hands and this happened.  It's cheesy but true, time sorta stood still and everything got very surreal!

Ring stuff:  We all know that as a designer, I'm quite particular.  Brian's smart, so about a year ago he asked what I wanted in a ring.  I bought a Victorian child ring that was exactly the mount I wanted from Etsy, so I gave it to him and a sheet with color, stone, and size specs.  He has been working on it with the Koop family at Koop Diamond Cutters since April.  It came out perfectly!

Thanks to everyone who has sent us sweet messages, comments, tweets, and hearts!  We truly appreciate every single one of you and your well wishes.  Love, Mallory
4 Years
Four years ago today, Lauren begged me to hang out with her, T.J., and T.J.'s friend she tried to set up with her cousin.  Her cousin backed out the day before.  I was coerced into going to T.J.'s to light fireworks (that I documented above) to distract the new guy from the failed double-date.  Lauren gave me strict instructions not to flirt with this cute new guy.  Luckily Brian and I were stubborn, and today we're still together.

I love you Brian!  Thank you Lauren and T.J.!