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DIY - Add Leather Elbow Patches
I bought some elbow patches at Hancock Fabrics a long time ago.  At least a year ago.  They're still available to buy.  I had intentions of adding them to a sweater or blazer, but never remembered to buy one for that purpose when shopping.  When I saw this sweater on clearance at Target a few weeks ago I knew it was the one that needed these patches.  Channeling my inner professor Ted Mosby.

On Mondays and Tuesdays mymom comes over to help with my business & blog stuff.  We started this project trying out different stitches.  Once we decided on a basic running stitch I put the sweater on & she pinned one patch on using the pre-punched holes. 

To make sure they were even, not eyeballed, she laid the sleeves on a table.  She was careful to line up the seams and hems perfectly.  Then she pinned the second patch on knowing they'd be perfectly even.

As I mentioned we decided on a simple running stitch anyone can do.  We liked the look of the backstitch, but the thread was too bulky to go through the holes twice.  It also made the sweater pucker from more tension.

I'm glad we chose hot pink embroidery thread.  It's such a sweet, unexpected pop of color.  Plus, it perfectly matched my belt in the outfit post.  ;) Mallory

Project done by Darlene (momma) & photographed by Mallory.
DIY: Add a Leather Pocket
It took me all of 10 minutes to switch the original pocket to leather on this shirt, I'll happily tell you how I did it so you can add a leather pocket to your own garment!  However, before I tell you how, let me make a little confession.  Sometimes I buy XL shirts in the Target little girls department, but only if they have dropped shoulders or are a baseball tee.  I have wide shoulders, thanks Dad.  Anyway, I bought this one with dropped shoulders and it fit great, except the pocket was too small for someone who is 'developed.'  So, I decided to swap it out for a bigger leather pocket.

I took off the original pocket & button with a seam ripper.  I used the original + its seam allowance as a pattern for my new pocket.  I used a rotary cutter to cut it out.  There was no need for seam allowance since I planned on top stitching the pocket on.

I held it up to my shirt in the mirror & placed pins in the shirt where I wanted the corners to be once the pocket was attached.

I used my industrial sewing machine to sew the pocket on where my pins indicated.  You can definitely use a home machine, too.  I've sewn the same leather on my home machine with this Non-Stick Sewing Machine Presser Foot.  I (slowly) stitched about 1/8th of an inch in, around the sides and bottom of the pocket.  If I was stitching with leather on the bottom instead of fabric I would have sewn with parchment paper between the machine & the leather to prevent the leather from sticking or getting harmed by the feed dogs.  Then I could have easily torn off the paper without messing up your stitching.  I use the same techniques when sewing clear vinyl & pleather.

Here I am wearing it during work at Fabulous Bridal.  My gold name tag is stuck on it, matching perfectly!  Let me know if you try this out.  ♥ Mallory
Store Progress
First, thank you for all of the love on Instagram on my necklace previews!  I don't have a date set for my store launch yet, but I'm feeling like I've finally been making some progress!  I have a lot more products finished, I bought a URL, my web store is mostly designed, and over half of my products are made.  Now, all I need is a few more weeks.  When I have a real, set date I'll let you know!!!! ♥ Mallory