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Wardrobe Pictures- Simple and Sparkly
Oh, man I had SUCH a fun-filled weekend with my parents!  My mom took two sets of outfit photos for me, so here is the first one!

Outfit Details:
Starlette Crown -- Giant Dwarf c/o Red Velvet :)
button-up -- NY & co. (randomly went in last week & got 2 tops)
patterned shorts -- thrifted
moccasins -- Darlingtonia
folk(ish?) necklace -- gift from Lauren
simple chain -- thrifted

Family makes everything happier :)
xo, Mallory
Wardrobe Pictures- polka dots
Outfit- bold polka dots

This is what I wore to work at RV today!
shirt- H&M
belt- super old, can't remember
cropped jeans- Old Navy
moccassins- found in Red Velvet.
headband- Forever 21

(sidenote: I don't shop at f21 anymore, but I got it the day they gave 100% of their sales to Japan.)

Outfit- bold polka dots

Outfit- bold polka dots

Outfit- bold polka dots

Outfit- bold polka dots

Outfit- bold polka dots

Have a lovely day!
xoxo, Mallory

Random working photos!
I took all of these photos in the studio! I hope you enjoy some small insight into what I do every day!

 Brian's sister Madison sent this to me!  I hung it above the dress samples!

 Playing after making a flower crown, that you may have already seen!

One of the upcoming turbans.  This is just a sample though. 


Here's a informal peek of one of my skirt styles that will sell on the new RV website!

I had 2 more but blogger in it's infinite annoyingness won't upload them.  Would anyone recommend moving this blog to Typepad?  I've never tried it out though I'm sure one of these lovely ladies would show me around it if I asked.

I'm going to start sewing samples in our real fabrics!  I'm super pumped! ♥ Mallory