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Cardstore diy Cards
A few weeks ago Cardstore asked me to make a card with their website and to share the process with you all.  I thought it was a great service that most of you would enjoy, so here we go.  Basically it's an online platform where you can completely customize greeting card templates.  Then they will send you the card in a cardboard sleeve or they will mail the card to the recipient! It's great for out of town friends, invites, or thank you notes.

I decided to make a wedding card for some friends who are getting married in October.  I chose a template in the wedding category, swiped a photo from his Facebook, added the photo, added a heart (that you can also see over there <), and completely customized the text.  It was super easy and it printed beautifully!

I hope they love it and aren't too creeped out that I swiped that facebook photo.  Ah, modern times.  Thanks Cardstore!  ♥ Mallory
Wedding: Reception

Last of the wedding photos (post 1 & post 2)!  We had our reception at Longworth Hall, an amazing historical building.  We hung buntings, giant hearts, and big panels with my illustrations of Wall-e & Eve and Brian & I.  Our guestbook was 3 old records signed with gold Sharpies.  My dad and Brian built wood boxes for the centerpieces that were filled with flowers from Posy & gold glitter hearts.  Our seating cards were flags in vintage thread spools.  We also made goodie bags for kids under 10 including homemade Pixar coloring books.

We had heart shaped donuts and mimosas for cocktail hour.  For dinner, guests chose scrambled eggs, quiche, or eggs benedict & all the fixins. Our cake by Marilyn's Cakes looked just like my sketch (plus cheesecake)!  Dad &I danced to Father & Daughter by Paul Simon.  Brian & Teresa danced to Child of Mine by Carole King.  We had our first dance together to La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong (from Wall-e, duh).  The three toasts were all so sweet.  Then we boogied all night long with our friends and family.  My cousin Samantha caught the bouquet.  We also found a few minutes to sneak away with Sarah to take a few photos just us in a long pretty hall.
Tuesday Tuesdays- Kory Wheeler
 Yo world.  It's Tuesday, and I'm ready to party because I'm excited about this week's artist, Kory Wheeler.  He's a friend of mine from Tennessee that played shows with my band a few years ago.  I've always enjoyed Kory as a songwriter.  He's honest and heartfelt.  He knows how to put together a solid song, whether it's loud and energetic or broken down with just piano or guitar. 
 Just a few days ago he released an album on Bandcamp called "Let Me Know."  It's 5 songs with a summery feel, especially the first song "Let Me Down" that comes in with some quick guitar work and an energetic melody line.  There's one song that stands out from the rest, and it's the final track, "Fall."  It's the only one that doesn't have the same summery feel as the others.  It's 3 minutes of honest lyrics, probably about a special lady in his life, but I like to imagine it's about me because he's so dreamy.
What I like most about the album is his guitar style.  He's always had some country twang to his stuff, and it's hard not to fall in love with it.  I don't often hear him just playing power chords, instead he moves around and showcasing his abilities without being overbearing.  I remember he traveled up to Ohio a few years ago to record an album with a friend of mine, and I joined them in to the studio a few times.  It was pretty great to watch him as a musician.  I remember how he just went with the flow of things while recording, and had fun while doing it.  I hope you enjoy his stuff.
P.S.  Sorry if it seems like I'm plugging my friends albums, but I'm just so stoked to be friends with them!  I love to hear their jams, so I want you all to hear them too!