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Nashville 1st Anniversary Trip
On May 26th Brian & I had our first weddng anniversary.  To celebrate we visited Nashville, TN the weekend before.  We stayed with our friends Beth & Kory on Friday night where we met their pets including their cat with one green eye and one blue eye!  That night they gave us a driving tour of Nashville then took us to Love Circle.  We ended the night with Jeni's ice cream & very late night conversation.  The next morning they took us to brunch at Pinewood Social.  That place is downright beautiful, delicious, and genius.  They are open all day & have a bowling alley!  In the last photo they were giving us tips and directions on what else to do.

Our AirBnB was perfect & came with Goo Goo Clusters.  Yum!  After checking in we headed to a street fair at Morgan Park that Kory & Beth suggested we check out, mostly for the Grilled Cheeserie food truck.

The fair was completely worth going to because 1. the Weinermobile was there 2. there was a photobooth in an old VW van called the Shutter Bus and 3. the Grilled Cheeserie met all of our expectations.

The next day we started out the day at Red Bicycle Coffee and Crepes.  We visited some vintage shops, and our favorite was Pre to Post Modern.  We also visited the pretty touristy places downtown including Hatch Show Print.  We picked up some prints for our apartment, too.  I'll be back with more photos later.  I took wayyyy too many for one post.  Nashville is rad.  ♥ Mallory
Tea for Two & a Birthday
As I mentioned in this post I've been lucky enough lately to have lots of lunches with my mom!  A few weeks ago we went to check out Sewn Studio in Hyde Park (north of downtown Cinci) where they have sewing classes and really cute fabrics.  Next door was Essencha Tea House.  I had heard it was yummy, so we stopped in for a between meals pick-me-up.

Mom got hot rooibos, I got peach honey bubble tea, and we shared a super yummy Nutella strawberry crepe!  We'll definitely go back.  There were lots of really cute shops we didn't have time to visit so it'll be sooner rather than later.  Also, Mom's birthday is Thursday, so a big Happy Birthday shout-out to the mom with the best style, most fun personality, and best cupcake skills ever!!!
I love you Mom!  Xo, Mallory
Tuesday Tunes- Brian's Summer Songs
 Hello again.  I am back after taking off last week for my birthday.  I must say, it was one of the most blessed birthdays I can recall.  Mallory's parents ordered in my favorite pizza from Chicago, and her mom made me a cake with the face of America's hero, Ron Swanson.  Tuesday night one of my friends showed up with an armful of gifts that included a Midi Keyboard, software, Sustain Pedal, and a pair of Shure headphones.  It was all from a group of about 8 friends, and I must say I was completely blown away by it.  It was one of the best moments of my life.  I have amazing friends & family.

Anyways, I'll go ahead and get in to it.  When I discover a new album, I tend to listen to only that one album for about a month straight.  I've never had a problem with it, as it allows me to really get a feel for the music and get a breakdown of everything from the lyrics to each instrument. Recently I made a summer playlist of 18 songs, and just like a regular album, I can't seem to stop listening to it.  I'll give you a few songs off it that I'm specifically enjoying to help you start your own summer playlist.

First is Person L's "The Positives."  Kenny from The Starting Line is in this band as well as Vacationer.  I'm a sucker for that era of music and always find myself falling for those musician's new bands.  I'm under the impression that this song is about the people who he shared the stage with during The Starting Line and the transition from that to something new.  There's one line specifically that stands out to me, "We should all become ourselves."  I think it's about realizing who you are, and how you need to live in that vein.

The second song is Pomegranates "Pass Away."  I don't know how anyone could listen to this song, and not instantly want to dance around like a crazy person.  The Poms are a band from around the Cincinnati area, so I've been able to see them quite a bit.  They put on one of the best shows!  This is the type of song you should listen to when you first rise from bed in the morning.  It's like musical coffee.

The last song up here is from Steve Aoki, Kid Cudi, and Travis Barker, basically 3 of the best dudes out there.  Steve Aoki is a genius who just destroys dance music, Cudi is my favorite hip hop artist, and Barker is surely one of the best drummers of my musical generation.  This video is a little weird, but the song is so rad.  I wanted to use the word "dope" there, but figured Mallory wouldn't approve it.

These are just some of my summer go-to songs.  What screams summer playlist to you?  -Brian