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To The Moon - Handmade Kids Goods
My friend Ashlee Mello is one of the most genuine & sweet people you could ever wish to meet.  She trained me when I was a styling assistant at Amazon.  Now she, her husband, & two children live in Florida near her family.  On her recent visit to Cincinnati we had brunch and were discussing baby clothes and handmade things and she mentioned wanting to start a handmade kids line.  I thought this was a perfect venture for her!  She has impeccable style, the sweetest littles, and all the necessary skills.
Soon after she launched her shop, To The Moon on Etsy.  It's mainly childrens wear, but she also has some items (like all headbands) available in adult sizes.  She sent me two headbands recently and I want to wear one every day!  Each time I have I've received compliments.  She's the best & so are her goods!  You can use promo code "MOONLOVESMALLORY" for 20% off our own order just for MMT readers.  Did I mention how amazing the prices are already?  I can't stop bragging about her, so I'm going to just sign off.   :) Mallory
Wardrobe Pictures- Park Adventure
Things have been super crazy in my neck of the woods.  I've had lots(!!!) of homework, my sister's having her baby Monday, and I've been trying to help plan my other sister's December nuptials.  However, I've been getting to hang out with Brian even more than usual since he's modeling my tailoring project for me.  He just loves watching me do my homework all the time ;)

My mom and I snuck in these photos in the park on Halloween when one of my classes ended early.  Here's what I wore:

scarf- vintage
shirt- Etsy, shop now closed
cardigan- American Eagle, had since 8th grade!
skirt- thrifted
shoes- Aldo

I think my homework schedule should slow down a little bit soon. I'll be sure to share pictures of my new niece or nephew as soon as she or she arrives!

Love, Mallory

(Thanks to my mom for taking these beautiful photos!  They're always best when she takes them!)
Wardrobe Pictures- Wackadoodle
Sometimes I feel too normal.  When this happens I do wackadoodle poses like these ones and wear a shirt exposing my stomach.  I'm a weirdo I suppose.  I took these photos two weeks ago, before my computer crashed and before the cold came.  Now that my computer is back it would be insane to go outside without a coat!

This is what I wore:
crop top- Red Velvet fall '11 (I made it!)
shorts- vintage
belt- NY & Co. --high school years
Chuck Taylors- they're a staple in my wardrobe

Rebecca of Manzanita sent me this cute crocheted cocktail hat (try saying that 5x fast).  She has some super adorable things in her shop for fall.  This one is my favorite!

These last two were outtakes, but sometimes I love the outtakes and mistakes better than the good photos!

I hope you have a super wacky & awesome Halloween weekend!  If you have any awesome diy costumes I would LOVE to see photos!
xo, Mallory