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Wedding Plans - Bridal Wear
My dress arrived at the salon last Friday.  Of course I insisted we pick it up Saturday morning.  My mom, dad, sister Brittany, and her husband John came with me to pick it up.  My dad said he had to turn his head for a second so he wouldn't cry when I tried it on (he's the sweetest).  The bodice is pretty big, but my alterations seamstress worked miracles on Brittany's dress, so I have faith.

A few months ago I saw these Diane Von Furstenberg ballet flats with hearts on the toes.  I want to wear flats since Brian's shorter than me, but the hearts are perfect with the wedding decor.  I waited for a sale (via Shop Style), then purchased them as soon as the sale went up!  My mom and I also purchased veiling for her to make my veil.  I'm so excited! I can wear it all in 136 days!  -Malllory
Wedding Dresses
Before my parents met each other they both had gone through tumultuous marriages resulting in a daughter each.  My mom is a teacher, and a few years later she had my dad's niece as a student.  My cousin Jenny begged my mom to go on a blind date with her uncle.  Eventually my mom agreed and the rest is history.  I'm here because of my cousin Jenny and her persistence.

Anyway, the history lesson was to tell you that two weeks ago my mom and I were cleaning, and we came across her wedding dress.  She made it herself and wore a lace Victorian blouse over it.  I asked if I could try it on, and it fit like a glove.  My mom is a good 3-4" shorter than I am so it was a little too short in the torso, but we were both so surprised, that we had to document it with some photos.

For a while I thought maybe it would be my dress too, but I wanted to try new dresses on first.  Then last Monday night my mom, sisters, Lauren, Aunt Helen, Madison, and Brian's mom went on our first dress shopping trip.  Since I have a very specific style (aka high maintenance) we thought I'd take many trips to many bridal shops to find a dress that even rivaled it.  We went into our second store and the second dress I tried there was the one.  I glowed, I couldn't stop smiling, they stared surprised, and I said yes to a dress!!!  It will arrive in February!!!
love, Mallory
Lust List 10
So here is what I've been bookmarking and wish-listing this week.
7. to-die-for Marc Jacobs Shoes

The bag in the next image is so amazing I thought it deserved its own full-size image.
Have a love filled day :)