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Senior Collection First Sketches
Here are my senior collection designs.  This is just my first, quick illustraton to give my professor a feel for the collection.  I designed the fabric prints, and I haven't ordered yardage yet so it was hard to visualize the whole thing finished.  When I showed my professor this illustration and presented my mockups on my models I was approved (with a few very small suggested changes).  I'm getting excited again!

I used Chartpak AD Markers this time because they're really fast.  When I'm finished with the collection I'll do more dimensional watercolor illustrations (my favorite medium).  It will take longer, and my garments will continue evolving until they're turned in.  So, now I sew and then I paint.  xo, Mallory
Projects Progress- Sketching Amongst the Leaves
I love fall weather.  The breeze, the sun, the falling leaves, and the bustling about on campus.  The other day I had time between class and work.  As I was walking to my car I passed a bench and thought, why sketch at work when I can sketch here, outside?

It's possibly the best decision I've made all week.  I was able to people watch (for fashion purposes), have a large leaf fall on my head (and stay there), and actually feel a bit more inspired about my project!

xoxo, Mallory
Home Studio

So, Renegade was eventful, or should I say the ride there was?  Basically my car is busted.  YIKES!  Luckily I have amazing parents who are giving me their spare car.  Rachel documented the whole thing in photos, so you will probably see them soon!

Back to the good things, I'm home and going to blog like normal!!! Today I spent some time in our art room and did some sketching for a top I'm making.  Sometime you need to get a lot of bad out before you can get to a good idea.

xoxo, Mallory