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DIY - Fringe Sweater
On Wednesday I posted an outfit post featuring a sweater I added fringe to.  If you want to make one for yourself all you need is a basic long sweater, about 2 yards of fringe trim, thread, and a sewing machine.  My sweater is from TJMaxx, but you may already have one you want to spice up.  The fringe I used is just like this one from JoAnn.  I was also thinking this would be really fun on the bottom of a shorter skirt or dress to add something special.

To start out I measured the hem of the sweater, making sure to stretch it a bit since it's a knit.  Then I did the same for the fringe adding about 2 extra inches.

I pinned the fringe onto the outside hem, but not the front placket, overlapping the pieces about a half inch.  I also tucked the fringe under a half inch at the beginning and end so no raw edges were loose to unravel.

I sewed the fringe onto the sweater making sure to back stitch at the beginning and end for security.  I swept the fringe out from under the sweater as I sewed to keep the fringe pieces from getting sewn under my bobbin thread.  Any time you sew with pins make sure to pull them out as you go.  No one likes breaking needles!  You may also want to do two rows of stitching to keep the threads from sliding around later.  After sewing all you have to do is slowly remove the stitching that holds the fringe pieces together to make cutting and sewing easier.  If you add fringe to a project make sure you comment here or post on Twitter or Instagram and tag me!  xoxo, Mallory

Gallery Art Wall - DIY Batman Art
Brian has been living in our apartment for almost a year and a half.  To keep the place feeling fresh we've been rearranging our art, accessories, and such.  We can't really move the furniture to any other configuration in the living room than we have, so moving other stuff around helps a lot.  A few months ago we took down our big Printstagram posters to start creating a gallery wall.  We've slowly been adding art as we go.

I've repainted that big horizontal canvas three times, but I still don't love it.  What I do love is the rest of the art and the little things on the wall that aren't really "art."  The wood cutouts and other canvases are from Michaels.  We've filled in with these smaller pieces like the green one I painted with a bear, a beet, and the symbol of Battlestar Gallactica (hey-o Office fans).  You can see how to make the sunglasses holder here.  Brian suggested I paint a big Bat Signal, but that seemed a bit too much.  I decided to paint a small one on this wood plaque instead.  He was still happy.

To make his bat signal I started with the inexpensive wood plaque.  I did a pencil outline then carefully painted it in.  Once it was dry I hung it up with 3M Command poster strips.  They're like Velcro, so you can easily re-position things you hang with them.  The majority of the art on the wall is hung with them.  We're still not finished, as you can tell by the blank area above our riverboat poster.  It's evolving, a work in progress, but we're getting there.  ♥ Mallory