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Halloween Partying 2013

Saturday Lauren & T.J. had a Halloween party.  Brian and I went through a million costume ideas before deciding on the perfect pair.  We chose to be Russell & Carl from the Disney Pixar movie UP!  Okay, I know I'm a girl but I think it still turned out pretty cute.  I forgot to take my camera, but luckily T.J. & Skip set up a photobooth for all of the guests to capture their costumes.  We had an absolute blast & there were some seriously top notch costumes all around!  You can see our costumes from last year in this post.  What have or will you dress up as this year?  ♥ Mallory
Disney Overload
My whole family just got home from Disney World as our Christmas present from my (super fantastic, amazing, awesome) parents.  You can see the whole gang above, even though my nephew Beckett was sleeping.  We had an absolute blast!  I tried my hardest to only blog my favorites, but all of the photos were just so special to me!

My favorite part of this vacation was seeing how excited the newbies were.  Brian and I got some awesome Wall-e and Eve pins and wore them every day.  This was the first of our family vacations that Brian has gone on, and 7 days is the longest I've ever spent with him.  Good news: we didn't get sick of each other!  Oh, and the Christmas festivities in Disney were AMAZING!  The weather was amazing too, so being home is slightly depressing.  xo, Mallory