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Modern Cross DIY
This is more of 'hey I did this cute thing really cheap, than it is a diy,' but it's a project you can do in a few minutes with a LOT of variations.  On our bedroom wall there were three nails when we moved in, so I hung my Ikea heart (on 2) and my 'Are you really gonna wear that' mirror.  They looked really odd by themselves, so when I saw the aisle of wood cutouts at Michael's I thought, I should paint one of these and hang it with my mirror and heart.  I've been looking for a modern cross anyway, so I thought this would be perfect.  Plus, it was only two dollars!

If crosses aren't your thing, then you could choose a heart or something else.  Like I said, you can do something like this in a million variations, so inexpensively.  I sanded it and then did two coats of craft paint.  After it dried I hung it with two 3M poster strips because it's really light & we're renters.  ♥ Mallory
DIY Wood Pendant Light
To make this pendant light all I used was BAND-IT Iron-On Veneer, an iron, some wire, a lighting kit, and two 10" embroidery hoops from Hancock Fabrics.  It's really cheap and easy.

Wire one of the hoops to the light kit, making sure the kit is centered.  Trim the edge to just about an inch bigger than the10" hoop circumference.  Start ironing the veneer to the inner hoops at the top and bottom edges.  Make sure the veneer, where overlapped, is nice and melted.  That's all folks.  Love, Mallory