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Mallory Photographs Things
My friend Erin Gabbard lives in LA.  She's an amazing actress & person.  She has done a lot of extra work in the year she's been living there, including appearances on The Office, Dexter, & New Girl.  She was also in the first Avengers movie.  On her recent visit home she mentioned needing new head shots.  I'm no professional photographer, but I thought I offered to help out.  I'm so excited about the results I thought I'd share with you all!  Of course they look better full size & not on the web, but I'm still happy.  Hopefully her agent loves them as much as I do.

She'll probably never give the two below to any casting agents, but I love them so much!  They completely capture her personality!  She's so fun, goofy, thoughtful, impulsive, and incredibly kind!  You can follow her Hollywood adventures on her Facebook fan page.  ♥ Mallory

Life Lately
Lately life has been really busy, and really happy.  Here are some random photos I've snapped.  From first to last: a cactus pinata at my college graduation party, Madison's roller rink 8th birthday party, bridal gowns at work, Sam Edelman Felicia Flats (I love them so I ordered a new pair), Holtman's Donuts opened in downtown OTR, messy studio with Cinders photobombing, and fall layering with a Jill Ross pin on my jean jacket (she's updating her site right now).  ♥ Mallory
Wedding: Reception

Last of the wedding photos (post 1 & post 2)!  We had our reception at Longworth Hall, an amazing historical building.  We hung buntings, giant hearts, and big panels with my illustrations of Wall-e & Eve and Brian & I.  Our guestbook was 3 old records signed with gold Sharpies.  My dad and Brian built wood boxes for the centerpieces that were filled with flowers from Posy & gold glitter hearts.  Our seating cards were flags in vintage thread spools.  We also made goodie bags for kids under 10 including homemade Pixar coloring books.

We had heart shaped donuts and mimosas for cocktail hour.  For dinner, guests chose scrambled eggs, quiche, or eggs benedict & all the fixins. Our cake by Marilyn's Cakes looked just like my sketch (plus cheesecake)!  Dad &I danced to Father & Daughter by Paul Simon.  Brian & Teresa danced to Child of Mine by Carole King.  We had our first dance together to La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong (from Wall-e, duh).  The three toasts were all so sweet.  Then we boogied all night long with our friends and family.  My cousin Samantha caught the bouquet.  We also found a few minutes to sneak away with Sarah to take a few photos just us in a long pretty hall.