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If you haven't signed up or purchased with us yet you aren't getting Shop Mallory emails!  We love to keep our Mallory Girls up to date on exclusive sales (yes! I said sales), new products, and when current products are restocked.  We only send them about once a week, so we won't flood your inbox.  It's just a friendly way to say hi & keep you up to date.  Sign up by adding your email to the box at the bottom of our store page.  Speaking of new products, we have a shoot for our fall line next Friday and I have some little previews to share next week.  Exciting!  xoxo, Mallory (& the team)

As always, product photo by The Married Photogs :)
Heart of Gold
There's something new in the Mallory store!  I think this wristlet pouch is my favorite product yet!  I have a limited amount listed for now.  If you want to buy more of this or any other product email me & I'll see what I can do!  Have I told you I'm also working on clothes for the store?!  I'm beyond excited and cannot wait to share the designs with you.  Sadly, it'll be a few weeks until you can have any real looks at what's to come.  Until then, take advantage of promo code "friendsfam" for 15% off in the store.  This is just for you lovely web friends (& my facebook friends).  ♥ Mallory