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Anjolee Jewelry Review

The lovely team at Anjolee asked me recently if I wanted to review a piece of their customizable fine jewelry.  Of course I said yes immediately because all of their jewelry looks so incredibly beautiful and high quality!

I love that their pieces have so many customizable options to change the metal and the stone color and quality.  Plus, their website makes it so easy to preview all these options before purchasing.  The bracelet I am wearing in these photos is the

Classic Column Link Five Diamond Bracelet

in solid silver.  It looks great dressed up or with casual outfits.  I've worn it 3 times this week already.  I think my next purchase may have to be a pair of their

diamond drop earrings

. ♥ Mallory

Jump start on experimental
For my experimental design final project I'm making evening wear garments from old bedding.  All I've done after sketching and buying supplies is make my headbands/sleeping masks:

 I have this pink one and a blue one.  They both have white pom-pon trim and tie in the back with ribbons.  I got crepe back satin on sale, so the fabric is actually nice!

This cutie is Lauren's niece Maddie.  Lauren and I made her Dorothy jumper for Halloween.  I want her shoes :)

Lemon Yumminess

I'm still really digging the color yellow for this summer. It's just so refreshing!

This beaded necklace from Anthropologie would look lovely in my summer wardrobe.
Oh how I curse being a broke college kid.

Today was the last day I have classes with my friend Hannah who's switching majors to costume design in the theater department. I'm really going to miss her! Anyway she made us strawberry cupcakes with strawberries from her mom's patch!

Trivia tonight!