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Your Mallory Style - 2017 Catch Up

Okay, I'll admit it.  I haven't blogged here in 2 years.  BUT I'M BACK!  I thought the best way to come back was featuring the outfits you lovely ladies have worn featuring items from Shop Mallory.

Photos of: Kim of Leeta Ruth, Taylor, Eliana & Alyssa, Lauren B., Valerie, Natasha, Lauren W., Amanda, Kate, & Stephanie.

Look at all these lovely gals (and Brian) in Shop Mallory designs!  Also, did you know I do custom pieces like the Christmas skirts I made for Lauren & myself?  There are a few others in the mix above, too.  Send me an email if you want something custom made:

Oh! The most exciting thing this year is the last photo.  Tori Spelling posted a video of a package we sent her on Instagram Live!  The internet is so weird.

xo, Mallory

Mallory - Fall 2015 Collection Production

We are already in full swing production at our Mallory Studio for our Fall 2015 Collection.  While we are waiting to get our 'professional' lookbook photos back I wanted to share some photos of our patterning/cutting/sewing process and studio.  We think you will LOVE this collection!  Florals, polka dots, purple, OH MY!  Let us know what you think in the comments.  ♥ Mallory