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Fall Layering with Modcloth
Fall Layering with Modcloth

The Modstylists at Modcloth are partnering with fashion bloggers to share their favorite ways to layer for this chilly weather with Modcloth pieces.  I love Modcloth so I said "YES" as soon as they asked me.

This year I've been buying many cozy sweaters.  I'm a total freeze cat.  It seems like most are neutrals or pastels to easily pair with colorful accents.  Modcloth has a huge selection of cardigans and pullover sweaters to cozy up your wardrobe.  This cream sweater would make any jewelry or scarf pop.  The gold pants are a statement.  Pairing them with a cream sweater and gray shoes really tones them down, almost making them seem like a neutral too.

To spice up the neutral base I chose a collared shirt (with adorable cat accents on the collar) and other colorful and/or interesting accessories.  I had to go with the measuring tape bracelet, because duh!  The scarf and bag are in my all time favorite color if you hadn't noticed.  This blog and Shop Mallory are just covered in it.  A cute coffee mug is totally necessary this time of year.  It's cold out there!  Stay warm babes, Mallory
Lust List - Valentine's 2014
I love Valentine's Day!  I always have.  Maybe it's because my mom has always bought me sweet gifts like nail polish, heart socks, & my favorite candy (Reese's & Milky Way).  You all know I really love everything to be heart shaped as well.  I remember that one year in high school I complained about not having a Valentine and my Dad bought me a whole bag of Dove heart shaped chocolate the next day!  All you really need this holiday is someone sweet to swap some candy with.  Daddies, mommies, and bffs included!  Though, you could also wait till the day after when the candy is on sale & be your own sweetheart this year!  ♥ Mallory