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DAAP Fashion Show: Part 2
 Amanda Jackson

 Abby Nurre

Asha Ama

 Brooke Garner

Catherine Stein

 Colin King

Elizabeth McGowan

Greta Gunther

Hillary Cross

Jena Russo

Kathryn Hitchcock

Paris Campbell

Traci Oldham

Olivia Young

Aren't my classmates just crazy talented?  That's not even everyone, that's just the collections I have decent photos of.  I still can't believe I had the privilege to work alongside them for 5 years.  They're doing lots of amazing things now that we've graduated.  They're scattered at places like Kohls, White House Black Market, Marc Jacobs, Chromat, Fossil, etc.  I'm so proud & lucky.  ♥ Mallory
School Studio - Senior Edition
If you would have asked me last Sunday if I was excited to go back to school I would have said, "are your crazy?  No way!"  Now that I'm back though I'm feeling excited to make my senior collection.  My classmates, teachers, and workspace are all very encouraging and inspirational.

In my third year I shared photos of my studio in this post.  Last spring I shared photos of my knitting studio in this post.  I can't believe it's my 5th and final year now!  I'm amazed at how slow but still long college has seemed.  Thanks for taking a look into my everyday :)
Senior Collection Design Process
A few weeks ago I met up with two of my classmate friends with our senior collection sketches and mockups.  We met at the downtown Coffee Emporium to talk it all through.  Deb is working on a workout wear collection inspired by lingerie, and Megan's working on a very artistic, ethereal collection inspired by trees.  As I'm sure you'd expect from me, my collection is wearable and a little mod.  All three of us couldn't be farther apart, so our different viewpoints are really fantastic to talk things through.  I got a lot out of our little coffee date.

I have my four looks pretty well chosen, though I need to think a bit more about accessories and jackets.  The only thing I'm unsure about in my mind is my color scheme so I've ordered lots of swatches from Mood.  I'm sure there will be a teal/turquoise color in the mix because I never feel complete without it, but the rest I'm unsure.  It's my big debate.  Though, if that's my biggest worry I feel on track.  I take that back, I still need to find 4 models... but I'll make it work. xo, Mallory