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Cincinnati Museum Center - Adventure Day
I love Cincinnati Museum Center.  I went there a lot as a kid, Brian and I went on his birthday, it's in my Cinci travel guide, and I went on Sunday with Brian, Lauren, and TJ!  The building was built in 1933 as a train station.  It's truly an Art Deco masterpiece.  Every time I walk in it takes my breath away!  It now houses the Cincinnati History (has a WWII exhibit & a train display), the Natural History, and the Childrens Museum.  There is also the Omnimax ( 5 story, domed movie screen that shows 45minute documentaries), venue space, and traveling exhibits.

We checked out the Cincinnati History museum and saw The Last Reef at the Omnimax. We also saw the Dead Sea Scrolls traveling exhibit.  They have artifacts from Ancient Israel & surrounding areas.  There was a 3000 year old stone altar with incense soot still on it!  There of course were 20ish of the 972 Dead Sea Scrolls ( including the oldest surviving texts of parts of the Bible) were on display as well.  SO COOL, but no photography.