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Your Mallory Style - Emma, Katie, & Lydia

We love seeing you amazing gals style our designs!  So, today I wanted to share some photos of gals like you doing just that!  Today also happens to include 3 friends ♥ .  First up is my hilarious mentor Emma of

A Beautiful Mess

wearing our

Button Tee

during a work day.

Second is Katie of


carrying our

Large Gold Leather Pouch

.  How cute & eclectic is her style?  Her adorable daughters are featured in that post, too.

Last but certainly not least is

Lydia Linton

who may possibly be the sweetest lady on Instagram.  You can follow her @lydialovesmarcus on there.  xoxo, Mallory

A Beautiful Mess Projects
In November I flew to visit my friends Elsie, Emma, and the rest of the A Beautiful Mess team.  I went to visit and to work on projects for their blog and upcoming book.  I love working with them.  It's so easy to collaborate with Elsie on projects after all the things we've done together!  I realized the other day I had not posted any of the projects I did while I was there.  Well, check them out and make some of them yourself!

Leather pillows I sewed for Emma's house.  Crazy awesome quilt hand printed then sewn.  Really Easy faux fur and flannel blanket.  I should make some of these for myself, too!  Let me know if you attempt any.  Oh, and they featured my blog today in a post about their design course.  :) Mallory
Red Velvet Reminiscing
I'm in Springfield, Missouri right now.  Why you ask?  I have joined the team over at A Beautiful Mess (until the 15th) to collaborate on some projects.  When I did the Red Velvet dress lines with them I spent a huge amount of time at the studio in the back of the local shop.  This time I'm working at the blog studio, but I ran to the shop studio for supplies today and was filled with this rush of emotion and memories!  I even saw some of the patterns I drafted for the first collection!

When I worked there the first time I learned so much about myself and made a plan for starting my own dream brand.  Emma and Elsie have made a HUGE impact on my life by hiring me, teaching me, encouraging me, and becoming my friends.  I'm forever grateful.  Visiting the store and working with them again (and Katie and Trey) has me feeling excited about their plans for the future, and encouraged in my own plans for the future!  I'm so glad they have asked me back! xo, Mallory