Help Us Grow - Donate to Our IndieGoGo Campaign

Money is a touchy subject, I know.  I also know I have some really amazingly supportive blog readers and Shop Mallory customers.  So here we go!  We want to grow our company to the next big step of business.  We are ready to have our products made in America in a factory.  We love being a handmade company, but it's time to grow.  This way my mom and I can keep an eye on the quality, create more products, and actually have time to grow the business in other ways.

While our store is doing great, we can't afford to do this on our own.  We have some pretty great perks for donating including handwritten thank you notes and Mallory products.  The larger amounts will get you a custom piece made by me just for you.  The largest donation amount will get you a Spring 2015 piece named after you!  Of course any little amount of money will help.  Also, all of the sharing you can do will help too!  We love and appreciate you all! xoxo, Mallory

p.s. Forgive my first go at video making.