Must Have Sewing Machines & Tools

The Mallory Studio has been collecting quite a family of sewing machines and gear over the last few years.  I received my basic Brother CS6000i home sewing machine the year I started college as a Christmas gift from my parents.  It has been super reliable and has lived through producing 2 lines at Red Velvet and one of my own.  THe next Christmas they gave me my Brother 1034D serger.  The Janome CoverPro 900CPX coverstitch machine was a recent business purchase so we'd be able to do hems and finishes on knit fabrics like our Cloud Top and Cloud Dress.

The gem of our collection (and possibly my favorite possession ever) is our computerized industrial Juki straight stitch machine.  We have Juki model DDL 9000B-SS which is super fast, can auto reverse, and has a pedal that can lift the foot and cut threads.  If you are in the Cincinnati area Industrial Sew Tech is a wonderful place to go try out industrial machines and get some advice.  They will also ship if you're out of town. 

Scissors are a really big part of sewing!  I have some cheap scissors that I use for paper, plastic, etc.  I also have super sharp Gingher 8-Inch Dressmaker Shears for cutting only fabric (really, only fabric).  We use a Gingher 45mm Rotary Cutter for cutting out leather, elastic, or multiple layers of fabric at a time.  The most used scissors in the studio though are Ginghers Knife Edge Thread Nippers for snipping threads and trimming curves and seams while sewing.  I'm not picky about seam rippers, so we have about three or 4 hanging around the sewing machines.  However, I really love my Fons & Porter Magnetic Heart Pin Cushion which I bought after spilling my pins far too many times.  Hopefully this helps you stock your own sewing rooms my fellow seamstresses! ♥ Mallory