DIY - Christmas Quote Bunting

As promised yesterday: here is the DIY for my letter bunting!  It was beyond easy.  My mom & I made it pretty quickly.  We used 3 packs of these silver chipboard letters from the Target One Stop, an awl, and embroidery floss.

Before deciding what phrase to use I had to spell out my new name since it was only made official a month ago.  After toying with it a bit we decided on "For unto you is born a savior"  it's part of the biblical Christmas story & it reminds me of Charlie Brown Christmas!  To have enough letters we had to cut the squiggle off of 2 Q's to have 2 more O's.

We then used an awl to punch two small holes in the top of each letter.  Of course if you have a small hole punch that will work just as well.  You can see in this photo on the left that my mom strung them so there was a little stitch on the face of each letter.

We hung it up by putting thumb tacks in the window casing & plaster.  Then we tied slipknots & hooked them around the tacks.  We put my Grandma's tiny, old wood Nativity in my exposed brick wall right under, where there isn't a brick.  Don't worry, we live in a old house that's triple brick.  We also gave Wall-e, Eve, & Brian's thrifted bear little scrap fabric scarves to stay warm this winter!  Of course these letters & this method are really versatile.  You could make a birthday sign, a happy new year, your last name, etc up.  ♥ Mallory