Our Wedding 'Guestbook'

For our wedding Brian and I decided to have three records serve as our guestbook.  My mom and I bought three records that were really cruddy from Goodwill, three record frames, foam core, and some sticker paper (it was really thick and gray under the white) from Hobby Lobby.  We printed the illustrations I did for the invites onto the sticker paper.  We then cut the labels out, slightly larger than the original label, and stuck them on.  We then used hot glue to mount the records to foam core we cut to fit inside the frame.

At the reception we had the mounted records laying on a table with gold Sharpies so everyone could sign.  The Sharpie bleeds just a bit in the ridges, but I like the blur.  Brian's little sister signed all three of the records!  After we came back from our honeymoon we popped them into their frames and hung them.  We chose a wall you can see as soon as you step into our apartment.  I love that they will look good in any space we live in, and we're always going to be music fans!  ♥ Mallory

*** first photo by the ever lovely Sarah of Arrow & Apple.