Tuesday Tunes - 7.6.13

Hello everyone.  I hope you're enjoying your week so far.  This week I've got three bands that I'm pretty excited about.

White Violet-
This is a band from Athens, Georgia that is relatively new.  They just signed to a label back in 2012.  A review I once saw said "these guys are laid back folk music that was made for late night bike rides."  I think that's pretty much spot on to their sound.

Shivering Timbers-
I think my favorite thing about this band is how they were formed.  The duo is a married couple who would write songs for their young daughter, and over time the songs began to take shape in to something a little more real.

Pacific Air-
This band also consists of family members, but instead of being married, they're brothers.  They grew up on the West Coast, and their music stands behind that.  They have qualities that are energetic and then moments of peacefulness.  It's a pretty solid blend that's perfect for summer days.   -Brian