DIY: Embroidered Baseball Hat

Like I said when I posted the polka dot hat, hats seem to be really on trend right now.  Plus, we all have bad hair days.  To fancy up my plain white one (from Amazon) I did some really basic embroidery stitches to add a floral motif.

I started by lightly penciling in flowers on the front panels.  You can see the stitches I used in the photos above.  I was just experimenting most of the time, and found that the chain stitch was my favorite (fast & covers a lot).  I didn't completely stick to the outlines, but it was nice to have a bit of a plan.  I slowly embroidered the flowers, doing 3 of one color at a time, to make sure they were nicely spread out.  I won't fool you, this took a decent amount of time.  I absentmindedly stitched while watching a few Downton Abbey & Under the Dome episodes on Amazon Prime.  I think it's so darn cute, so I don't even care that it took a while.

Good bye bad hair days.  Hello adorable floral hat.  As always, I'd love to see your project if you take a stab at it.  Tweet me or leave a comment.  ♥ Mallory