Tuesday Tunes - Music Apps 2

Hello again.  This week I'm going to do something a little differently than the normal new band or album.  I'm going to talk about a few of my favorite music apps.  I posted about 3 other favorites here.

Songza -
Most of you may have already heard of this one or even currently use it.  It's probably my favorite music streaming app besides Spotify.  When you first open the app it goes to the Concierge, it has 6 categories to choose from.  They vary depending on what day and what time it is.  Take for instance, if it's a Saturday night and you open the app it may have categories like "entertaining friends," "drinking at a bar," "a house party," or "bedtime." Once you click one of the categories it will give you choices of style like indie, rap, country, etc.  From there you choose a playlist and either get your dance party on, or casually fall asleep.  You can favorite these playlists for later.  Instead of the Concierge you can also (via the top left) search by Moods, Genres, Decades, or by searching an artist or song to find playlists.
Traktor DJ -
I will be up front with you about this app, it is kind of expensive.  Luckily, I downloaded it a few weeks ago during a promotion that made it free.  So, you may find some luck too.  In this app you can take two songs and mash them together for a remix version.  The first night I downloaded it I think I spent about an hour mixing a Sucre and Brand New mash up, and it was incredibly fun.  If you have any interest in remixes or experimenting with music, then the app is totally worth your time.
Lisnr is cool because of how interactive it is.  If you attend a concert or an event with a band that is linked in with Lisnr, you can get exclusive content and performances.  It also has lists of upcoming shows nationally and in your area.  You can stream, read articles, and all kinds of things on there.  -Brian