Lust List - Honeymoon Packing Edition!

Honeymoon packing has finally started over here (wedding is in 10 days, we leave a day later).  I've made a few purchases, and today my mom spoiled me with a new Marc by Marc Jacobs swim suit.  These are a few things I would LOVE to put into my suitcase for our week in Michigan:

This OndadeMar bikini top & bottom are adorable.  Comfy shoes are a must for being a tourist and Me Too flats are the comfiest I've ever had!  I also love Essie Candy Mint Apple nail color, easy to wear dresses like this one from Ruche, Heart Shaped Sunglasses in white (they have purple, blue, and red too), a cute scarf like this Bow to Stern Scarf for easy hair, A Million Kisses Lip Balm from LUSH Cosmetics, Stila Beauty Balm with SPF 30 (important), and "Just Married" Knickers on Etsy.  I've also already ordered one of these  Fujifilm Waterproof 35mm Cameras for worry free snapshots.

Wait, 10 days!!!!!  I better run off to alter bridesmaid dresses, finish the seating chart, paint hall decor, etc. ♥ Mallory