Business Plans

Lets talk about plans and goals for a second.  Maybe a few minutes.  Now that I'm a recent college grad it's time to get down to business.  Literally since I'm starting my own business.  I planned on launching my store with my handmade fashion accessories and bags last fall, but as life had other plans as usual.  I was delayed by being scheduled to work at Amazon more than I planned, waiting on tax IDs to be assigned, pre-planning my senior collection, planning my wedding, and then my last semester of school.

Running it during my senior collection/wedding planning all at the same time would have been a nightmare, so I'm thankful.  I have over half of my products made already, the legalities are handled, and my website is mostly built (a peek above).

So, now what?  After my wedding on May 26th,  I'll be moving from my huge studio at my parents' to one in Brian & I's apartment.  From there I'm going to make a few more products to fill out my offerings, then launch time.  After that I hope to keep growing this lil brand of mine until I become one like Kate Spade that offers home, paper goods, a full fashion line, and accessories.  I'd also love to design for kids.  High hopes. ♥ Mallory