Tuesday Tunes - Watch Listen Tell

Hello everyone.  I return from my week off.  I've been on a strong YouTube prowl lately, watching all kinds of live footage from artists.  I always find my way back to Watch Listen Tell's YouTube page eventually and the amazing performances they help produce.  Here are a few of my new favorites.

Bastille - Overjoyed
My favorite thing about this whole performance is that no instruments are used, just hand claps and voices.  Also, the singer has such a great voice (and crazy hair).  It seems very fitting for them to be under a bridge performing.  I really like the graffiti/art surrounding them.

Michael Kiwanuka- I'm Getting Ready
I love this guy.  I think he's an extremely talented guitar player and songwriter.  I actually first discovered him through WLT, and I've found joy in his music ever since.  I'd really like see to this guy live.  I think he'd be great to watch outside on a 70 degree day at a park.

Hope you enjoyed this week. Brian.