Outfit - black & white

The other day I wore this outfit to see my accountant and run some other errands.  This was my first year as an LLC.  I was a tad scared of the possibility I had done something wrong with all of my setup, but I didn't do anything stupid!  Woo!  The business setup stuff wasn't as complicated as I expected.  I'm sure that staying organized after I start selling products will be complicated.

Anyway... this is what I wore: hat from a mall store (click to diy your own velvet bow brooch), skull shirt from Nordstrom, softest/best white v-neck tee from Piperlime, jeans and necklace from Gap, belt was my dad's, and shoes from PacSun ages ago.  My bracelet is one I've had since I was little.  I restrung it with more beads a few years ago to size it up.

Have a great (and stylish) week everybody!  ♥ Mallory