Senior Collection - Coming Together

Things are starting to come together over here.  I finished my portfolio yesterday, hence no Monday post.  So I can now check off one of my 2 big projects for the semester.  As far as my collection goes I finally put it all in one nice Moleskine Plain Notebook, I bought yarn on for a hat & a scarf, the shoes arrived for my models to wear in my presentation, and all other fabrics have been purchased!  I'm only waiting on one more order to arrive!

I have one more round of fittings with just my teacher and models, partially final fabrics and partially muslin mockups, this Friday/next Wednesday.  After that's over I'm ready to make final adjustments to my patterns then cut all of the garments from their final fabrics.  Scary, but I'm so ready and excited!  You can see all of the process here.  I'm honored to have such supportive readers and friends through this! ♥ Mallory