Getting (this blogger) Organized

Getting organized and making a schedule is one of my goals for this year.  It may already be February, but I'm finally getting there.  I started working every weekday, and last week I printed out a February calendar from Just Dawnelle's to make a schedule of blog posts for this month (unsure why it printed yellow).

I started out with my notebook I keep ideas in, as well as my blog note on my phone.  While writing my month plan I made a checklist of all the topics I wanted to cover every/every other week.  I looked at my Google Analytics to see what days I get the most views and what topics get the most views, to take into consideration with my post schedule.  I wouldn't want to post a project I spent hours doing on a Saturday night (high topic, low day) because it would get lost in the weekend shuffle.  I may not always be able to stick with my plan, since school work and life happen, but I like having a general plan!  It's at least a good start.  Love, Mallory