Lust Lust - Valentine's Day Goodies

I love Valentine's day.  I really do.  I also really love hearts, but I'm sure that's no surprise to you!  Here are the hearts stuff I've been lusting after for this 2013 Valentine's day!  I've split it into gifts, decor, and wearables!

1. heart paper clips 2. Marry Me necklace 3. keychain bottle opener 4. Lush Rose bath bomb 5. cufflinks 6. arrow Valentine

1 & 2. paper garlands 3. be mine cake bunting 4. coffee mug 5. knit heart pillow

1. heart jean shorts 2. I Am Yours necklace 3. heart tank 4. Tumbleweeds heart sunglasses

Shop on kiddos! :) ♥ Mallory