Tuesday Tunes- Solo Act New Releases

Hey friends, I missed last week.  With Mallory out of town, it totally slipped my mind.  So, I'm going to dive right into this week's music.  Enjoy.

 Ben Howard - The Burgh Island EP
I've posted something about him before, but this album just dropped and I love it.  He has already released this video for Esmerelda.  It's really simple in concept but powerful.

Sufjan Stevens - Silver & Gold
Yes, it is almost that time.  Christmas is just around the corner, and Sufjan just released an album that has almost every Christmas song ever written on it (30 songs).  I am a pretty huge fan of Christmas time and music, so be on the lookout for more posts on these.
Joshua James - From the Top of Willamette Mountain
Continuing with the singer/songwriter genre this week, Joshua James released this album last week, and it's really solid.  It's honest, thought out lyrics are what make it such a standout.  My favorite is Doctor, Oh Doctor.  -Brian