Thoughts on Planning a Newlywed Home

Planning a wedding means much more than just picking out pretty things for one event.  It means starting May 26th I will be official life partners with Mr. Brian Muddiman. Of course that's the best part of it all, better than even buying a wedding dress (gasp).  The wedding is crazy exciting, but I'm more excited to start the next chapter of life.  The biggest change will be living together.  So this finally brings me to what I want to talk about: planning our newlywed home together.

It was really important that we had a few serious discussions early on about where to live, renting v. buying, and how to would furnish a whole home.  We picked Bellevue, KY quickly (picture above taken there by Jeremy Kramer).  It is minutes to downtown Cincinnati, has cute shops and restaurants, it's an even distance between our families, and I just like being a Kentucky girl.  In theory I would prefer owning a home, but I want to start a business.  Also, who knows what can happen since we're still in our early 20s.  Someone could get a job offer or something.  For now, we rent.  Starting a business will be an expensive path at first.  Long down the road, when baby fever sets, in we hope to have my dad build our dream house.

Our best idea was to start collecting furniture we loved last year while we found it inexpensively.  That way we don't overspend to fill an empty apartment.  We love elbow grease so we've looked for fixer uppers.  So far we have bought these mid-century pieces from Burlington Antique Shows: 4 kitchen chairs for $18 total, a mid century slat coffee table for $10, and a metal cart for $7.  I bought a chrome and faux leather armchair for $20 the day we got engaged, and Brian found this formica table for $50 on Craigslist.  My parents plan to buy us a new mattress as our wedding gift.  We're also taking all of my bedroom furniture.  This means the only big purchases we need to make are a couch, a tv stand, and maybe a tv if it's not bought off our registry.  I meant to talk about our registry strategy, but that will wait for another day.  Love, Mallory