Outfit- Little Friends, Leaves, & Leather

Today Brian and I hung out with his little sister, big brother, and dog most of the day.  Well, Madison and I watched a lot of the Disney Channel while Dexter slept next to us.  Brian watched football with Brad.  Lazy Sundays are good for your soul.  We took these during a nice long walk.

Here's what I wore.  The vintage MASH t-shirt was my mom's from the show finale.  My jeans are Levi's, chucks are ancient, leather jacket was a birthday gift from my mom, and I stole the belt from my dad.  I thought it was my mom's (I've been wearing it for over a year), but recently he noticed I had it on and said "it was from my skinny days."

Thanks to Brian for taking all of these photos except this last one that Madison took of us.  I'm marrying into the best family. Love, Mallory