Tuesday Tunes- Wedding Dance Party Music

Hello everyone.  I've been working pretty hard on the music for our wedding the last few weeks. I've been trying to find a nice blend of music that will make everyone happy, without Mallory and I having to make too many compromises against our taste in music.  The ultimate goal is to find music we listen to that all guests, including pop kids and the older folks, will enjoy.  Here are some of the choices I've made so far to get our dance party started (that aren't from Watch The Throne).

Passion Pit- Little Secrets
This song starts out with synth and hand clapping.  I'm not sure how anyone wouldn't want to get out on the dance floor and show off their mad dance skills all night.
David Byrne & St. Vincent - Who
A song full of so many different instruments is basically asking for a dance party.  They're even dancing in the video.  This song has such a good blend of brass instruments that it almost feels like it's from another era.  Plus, it's David Byrne and St. Vincent, of course it rules.
Walk The Moon - Anna Sun
This may be a song that a lot of people will know at the wedding.  Walk The Moon seems to be continuing to gain more followers as each week goes.  The catchy vocal and melody line will quickly have everyone singing and dancing along.
Hope you are having a great day, and if you're on the east coast, we're keeping you in our thoughts here! -Brian