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Tuesday Tunes- New to Us Bands

Hello there!  I'm going to jump right in this week with some new releases that have come in the last few weeks.  I would mention Ben Gibbard's new album, but come on you already knew about that.

The Mountain Goats- Transcendental Youth
This is one of the more unique bands I've recently stumbled upon.  Musically, they are great, and when it comes to lyrics and melody, it's much more interesting.  The singer almost seems more like a storyteller rather than a singer.  It's pretty neat.  It may take a few times to appreciate it, but give it a chance.

Sun Airway- Soft Fall
I am in love with the musicianship on this album.  I get so tired of hearing the common guitar, drum, and bass bands, so it's always refreshing to hear something new and different.  Also, the album art is probably one of my favorites of 2012.

Dirty Projectors- Swing Low Magellan
I'm not real sure when this album came out, but I know it was this year.  It's pretty new to me so it's fine.  It makes me feel like winter time is right around the corner and I should be in a cabin somewhere.  It doesn't really have that feel, but it seems like it would be pleasant at a time like that.

Enjoy! -Brian