Update- Bags, Bras, & Senioritis

According to my recent survey the #1 reason you all visit Mallory Makes Things is my designs.  Can I just tell you how thankful and flattered I am?!?!  Reading those results made me so much more excited to start my business and get these bags, bracelets, and other accessories to you.  As far as my first collection goes all of my samples are finished and 80% of the items I'm going to produce are cut out and are ready to be sewn (above)!  Oh, and my labels have arrived!  I'm going to call my brand Mallory!

The only finished product I'm going to show you fully now is one of my tote bags that I took on a test drive to the City Flea.  I'm holding on tight to the rest until I get proper photos taken.  I think everything will be produced within a few weeks, and want to get my shop up and running ASAP.  On Monday I'm meeting with a small business adviser because I want to start out my business in a legal and tax compliant manner.  Sadly, getting legal may take a while though.  I really like to follow the rules.  :)

I'm also working on my senior collection.  I only have January-March to make a 4 look collection for the DAAP runway show, serving as my capstone.  Now, for the photo of the bra hardware... well, I also like to take on too many projects.  My cousin, Jenny, who owns a shop called Bra Specialties is my official co-op boss this semester.  She does fittings for all women including post-mastectomy women.  After working in the bra business a long time she wants to present and sell her own ideas.  Jenny needs someone who can help hash out and bring her ideas to life.  That someone is me, so I'm prototyping as soon as these bags are finished!

Yep, that's what I'm doing currently: producing products of my own, planning my senior collection, free lancing at My Habit, prototyping bras and lounge wear, and planning a wedding!  Love, Mallory