Tuesday Tunes- Moviestar Musicians

Hey guys, this week I'm gonna go through some of my favorite actors turned musicians.  It seems like there is a stigma that comes with trying to make the cross from actor to musician or vice-versa.  It's hard to take seriously because a majority of them time, they are much better at their original job.  Occasionally though you get someone who is incredible at both, and that makes them all the more cool.

First, you've got the guy every girl has a thing for (and probably, a lot of fellas too), Ryan Gosling. He's got a project called Dead Man's Bones, which is hauntingly gothic with a blend of bluegrass and country.  It's really one of the most unique bands I've heard.  Their music is the perfect soundtrack to any Halloween Party.  One of the neatest songs is "In The Room Where you Sleep" which features a childrens choir that adds a very eerie sound.   

Next is Jason Schwartzman who you may know from movies like Rushmore, Slackers, and Moonrise Kingdom.  His personal music is under the name Coconut Records, which may seem pretty confusing as it ends in records.  What a lot of people don't seem to know is that he used to be in Phantom Planet during the "California" time, and left to dedicate more time to acting. "West Coast" is one of the more popular songs he's released.  

Last is one of my favorite actors/comedians, Steve Martin.  If you don't know who Steve Martin is then you probably don't even need to be listening to music.  Anyway, his specialty is Banjo, which for some reason couldn't be more fitting for a comedian.  He's always incorporated his music in to his stand-up routines even when he was first starting out.  In this video he gives a history of how he got in to the instrument and you also get to hear him shred.  
Hope you guys enjoyed this week. I can't believe I didn't think of doing this earlier.  Also, sorry I didn't mention Will Smith. -Brian