Outfit- Black on White on Gold

 My absolute favorite spot in our house is the breakfast nook. It has huge windows that let in tons of light until the evening.  Every morning that I work from home I get my coffee (I'm spoiled, my dad brews some for me every morning) and make breakfast.  Then I go to the breakfast nook, set up my computer, try to tackle emails, maybe post a blog, and make a to-do list for the rest of my day.

The other day I asked my mom to document my outfit in the middle of this morning ritual.  Here's what I wore to sew/design at home that day: tank- I've had this for years and cut the tag out, shorts- Urban Outfitters, fox belt- vintage, lipstick- NARS Niagara, shoes- barefoot!

Of course Mom suggested I should also show of my ring ;)
Love, Mallory