Tuesday Tunes- The Early November

Hey guys, it's time for another round of Tuesday Tunes.  Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and I hope most of you are planning on blowing up your neighborhoods with bottle rockets and roman candles.  If not, I'm disappointed.  All kidding aside, this week I'm going tell you about my most influential band/songwriters, The Early November.  Yes, I know this isn't the most progressive, different sounding band, but I first started listening these in 2003, almost 10 years ago.  I was like a freshman in high school, and the songs they were writing, were spot on to what every teenage guy was feeling.  They were the band I could relate to the most, and this was one of the first "rock" groups I listened to.
I remember the very first song I heard was on a tv station, Fuse.  They played a video for "I Want To Hear You Sad."  I had never been more stoked about a song than when I first heard that one.  I instantly jumped online to find whatever music I could for them.  I found this video for "Baby Blue", and swear I watched it 20 times that night.  The first album I bought of theirs was "The Rooms Too Cool," and I still find myself drifting back to it on a monthly basis.
They are the reason I became interested in playing music, and ultimately the reason my 3 best friends and I decided to start a band.  We all shared the same love for these guys.  I can't explain why we all related to them so much or what made their music so special to us as a group.  I think it's hard for any person to do when it comes to their favorite band.  You just can't explain it, but we all share that feeling about a group or musician.
My favorite album they released was part of a triple disc, and it was called 'The Path."  It was a concept album based on a mans life and the way he and his father both grew up.  It's a blend of narrative and song.  Each song can range from R&B, to blues, to folk.  It was put together so well, and the story is so solid.  If there is one thing I could suggest, it is to listen to with headphones and in a quiet room. It's much more effective that way.
They are releasing a new album next Tuesday, June 10th.  What's so amazing about that is they broke up in 2008, also known as a very devastating time for me.  After a few reunion shows though, they decided to grace me and everyone else with a new album.  I've heard about half of it, and it still has that same TEN style, but quite grown up from their previous years. One of the better songs I've heard from it is "A Stain on The Carpet."
I'm patiently waiting to hear the rest of this album and to hopefully see them live again soon (I think it would be number 5 as a full band).  It's a great feeling knowing your favorite band can get back together after 4 years off and create something amazing.  I hope each one of you have a group or musician that has had the same influence on you as TEN has had on me.