Bag Progress

I haven't shared much on here about the bags and other accessories I've been working on.  Since I've only been working on them three days a week prototyping isn't going as fast as I'd hoped.  However, making mockups is my favorite part of the design process.  Trial and error is my favorite game.  Most of my materials have arrived except for a few that should be here within the next week.  I'm feeling really excited about my direction now.  Today I figured out pricing and quantities with my mom who has been helping a lot with my planning stages.  I need someone to bounce ideas off of, and we make a great team.  If only I could get my personal assistant, Cinders, to work as hard as Mom and I have been.

I'm planning on this collection consisting of a leather handbag, a canvas backpack, several smaller bags (wristlets, coin purses, etc.), and a few other accessories.  I'm probably being overambitious so, I'm not putting a super strict timeline on myself.  I've already lined up a photographer to shoot my prototypes, and I'm hoping to share product images as soon as they are shot and edited.  If you happen to have any fantastic connections or ideas on where I should market my products let me know.  After all you all are stylish, smart, and have a lot to offer :)
love, Mallory