Beauty Products- Lush Addiction

It's safe to say that I've been a Lush Cosmetics junkie for years.  I have sensitive, problematic skin, and my nose is sensitive to those chemical scents found in traditional beauty products.  When my neighbor Jill suggested I try Lush's Dream Cream lotion to heal the red bumps on my biceps and thighs (Keratosis Pilaris) I tried it, and I was amazed!  Since then I've fallen farther in love as I've found the perfect Lush skin and hair care combos for me.  Their products are the only ones that clear and fully moisturize all of my skin ailments, including my chicken skin and acne.

Since Lush works so well for me I thought I'd share my hair and skin routines with you.  First I use Big Shampoo, then I follow it up with Veganese Conditioner.  After that comes the Herbalism Facial Cleanser.  For my body I use African Black Soap, not a Lush product.  After using soap I exfoliate with some vanilla scented brown sugar scrub that my sister Sarah made me.  It's divine smelling!!!

After showering I use the very light Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturizer.  The rest of my skin gets slathered in Dream Cream Body Lotion.  Then I finish off with Vanillary Gorilla Perfume.  As you can probably tell I really love vanilla, and my sinuses/lungs love that it's a natural scent.

I hope if you suffer from cruddy skin, too that this has illuminated you to some "fresh handmade cosmetics" that can make you more confident.  Love, Mallory