Tuesday Tunes- Roadtrip Albums

(my sisters and I by Rudy Harris)
One of my favorite memories from childhood are not just vacations with my family, but the drive to vacation with my family.  My sisters and I would fight over who got what seat in the car, we'd have coloring books galore, and dad would choose the music.  Honestly I think I got most of my taste in music from my dad.  He still listens to most of the same bands as I do.  Back then, there were a few albums that he played on every trip:
Paul Simon-Graceland
This is still one of my absolute favorite albums.  Ever!

 The Beatles- White Album
[always a winner]

Traveling Wilburys- Volume 1

There is always something special about memories spent with family.  Thinking back you realize exactly how blessed you are.  I love how even today just one of the songs on any of these albums immediately takes me back.  Do you have an album that you would listen to on every trip?
xo, Mallory