Books- New Beginning

This summer I'm going to do a "research quarter" in place of a co-op.  What does this mean?  This means I get to start my business, Nona, officially in June!  I feel so ready to get going after my time at Red Velvet, my school experiences, and building online relationships with so many of you!  The legal stuff baffles me a bit though, so I bought this Starting an Online Business For Dummies book to help with the technicalities.  It also helps that my sister, Brittany, is a CPA.

I plan on starting out with bags and accessories to get my brand out.  As time goes I plan on progressing into womens ready-to-wear and beyond, but we'll see how the wind blows.  Thank you for your continued encouragement!  I can't wait to really share my designs with you, not just in illustrations and school projects!

Love, an excited Mallory